Latest iOS 7 Jailbreak Updates

Rafia Shaikh

iOS 7 Jailbreak is highly anticipated by iPhone and iPad users who want to have some device freedom. So far there hasn't been much progress in getting a iOS 7 jailbreak solution. Let's hear about some iOS 7 jailbreak updates which might give us some hope on where to look forward to - except Evad3rs, of course.

iOS 7 jailbreak updates - Device Freedom Prize:

As shared with you earlier, some individuals have come together to offer a crowd sourced prize for the person(s) who manages to develop an open source jailbreak solutions. The project seems to get many negative comments considering its alienation of how the prize could affect the community in a longer term. Saurik of Cydia has posted these comments on Reddit:

"The primary problem I have with this website is that it attempts to change the dynamics from one of "people who do things that are fun to make devices more open" to one of "people who do things to win cash prizes". Meanwhile, it changes the dynamics in the minds of the people contributing: normally, people contribute after the fact to the teams that built something that they found of value; under the model of this website, people contribute ahead of time, and then hope that the thing that is released works for their specific device (or even "runs on their computer", etc.), and if it doesn't they are kind of out of luck.

I've seen the effects of bounties in the Android ecosystem, and they are quite negative. I tried to explain this to the person behind this project (Elizabeth Stark), but she really didn't seem to care: in essence, she's currently working on a project that is a crowd funding platform for software, and she wants to use the iOS community as a test case; she didn't want to spend any time thinking about the ramifications of her decisions going into the project, and she didn't send me a response about the issues I saw with her project (which I sent her weeks ago) until this morning (coincident with the release of her website).

Additionally, I will point out that 5% goes to Elizabeth Stark (Threshold, which is powering the platform, is her new company). For the last few jailbreaks, I've been handling a lot of the donations (people might notice that the PayPal target for donation links is often me), and I will guarantee everyone: I've been taking the money, splitting it as directed by the jailbreak teams I work with, and taking 0% for myself. This really is just someone who is trying to bootstrap a new company. Please simply donate to whomever you feel did right by you, and do so after they provide you something of value: do not use this website." - reddit


iOS 7 jailbreak updates - status:

videopane jailbreak app ios 7 jailbreak updates

Team evad3rs is set to launch jailbreak solution in near future. Although it hasn't been giving us much iOS 7 jailbreak updates, we do hope they are busy working on the solution itself. 

"@pimskeks: Another iDevice hacking day today! Ironically in an office above the Apple Store Hamburg Jungfernstieg :D"

iOS 7 jailbreak updates for iPhone:

Cydia for iOS 7 is a jailbreak update for iPhone 4. This doesn't work on other devices as it uses an exploit from iPhone 4 - the later devices aren't susceptible to the vulnerability.

Beware of the fake iOS 7 jailbreak updates; you will know when one comes from everywhere not just one source. Most likely, it would be evad3rs who will be able to first launch iOS 7 jailbreak considering their dedication. It is also being speculated that evad3rs will launch their iOS 7 jailbreak after iOS 7.1 launches to remove any possibilities of having their solution going to dust.

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