iOS 10.1.1 Has a Battery Drain Issue on iPhone

Fix iOS 10 Battery Life

Multiple users are reporting terrible battery life on iPhone after installing iOS 10.1.1 software update.

iOS 10.1.1 Has Terrible Battery Life for Certain iPhone Users

iOS 10.1.1 is a bug fix release that aims to mend an issue where users were not able to look at their Health data. While the update did manage to fix things for a lot of users, but apparently it broke something in the process too - battery.

Many users are reporting exceptionally poor battery life after updating to iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone. The update seems to affect every iPhone model that is compatible with iOS 10 it seems. But of course, not every user is affected by this issue whatsoever.

Check out the tweets below of certain users complaining about battery life after updating to iOS 10.1.1.

It's highly likely Apple will fix this issue with an update to iOS in the future. But will that update be iOS 10.1.2 or iOS 10.2? It remains to be seen. Nonetheless, a fix is on its way, given the scale of this issue.

But if you want to try your luck in fixing the battery life problem right now, then you can do a clean installation of iOS 10.1.1 using iTunes. Just make sure you you backup all your data on iCloud or iTunes before going ahead. A clean restore will erase everything off your device. Also, some users are reporting turning off Raise to Wake feature fixes the problem too.

Over the air iOS updates are not the most reliable in a lot of cases. They can introduce the oddest of issues if not dealt with properly. Many users out there are recommended to install major iOS updates using iTunes clean restore as it ensures maximum performance benefit and battery life. But over the air updates are perfect if you do not like tinkering with your iOS device that much.

Wrap Up

Whenever Apple pushes out an update to iOS with fix for battery life, we will inform our readers about it. Try the above fixes if you want, but nothing will beat the official fix that comes from Apple itself.

On the other hand, there is a possibility you're experiencing bad battery life because you have older hardware at hand. If that is the case, then you might want to tone down some iOS 10 features in order to gain those precious minutes of battery life. Follow the guide below to get started.

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