Apple Has Stopped Signing iOS 10.1.1, You Can No Longer Downgrade


Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.1 firmware versions. This means you can no longer downgrade from iOS 10.2.

Bad News for Jailbreak Users as Apple Has Stopped Signing iOS 10.1.1

A few days back, good news knocked on our door that iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak exploits had been released, and it was only a matter of time a full-blown solution would be available for everyone to consume. But the problem was, as you can already tell, those exploits were for a firmware which had been succeeded by iOS 10.2. This in turn meant it was only a matter of time Apple stopped signing iOS 10.1.1, stopping users from downgrading from iOS 10.2 altogether. And today, Apple did exactly what we were fearing the most: ceasing to sign iOS 10.1.1. If you missed the downgrade window, then you are stuck on iOS 10.2 for good. If you are sitting on an older firmware version, let's say 10.0.1, then you can only upgrade straight to iOS 10.2, nothing else.

If you did manage to downgrade to iOS 10.1.1 on time, then you are absolutely golden. The next obvious step you should take is save your SHSH2 blobs by following the guide posted here: How to Save SHSH2 Blobs for Unsigned iOS Downgrade / Upgrade. These saved blobs might not be useful right now, but as a new tool, called Prometheus, drops on New Year's Eve, you will be able to jump onto different iOS firmware versions that are no longer signed by Apple. There are a lot of prerequisites which you have to follow before jumping between firmware versions. But still, a software that allows you to hop onto unsigned firmware is only great for jailbreakers.

We will highly recommend avoiding future iOS updates at all costs. Currently, iOS 10.2.1 is in beta, and it's only a matter of time Apple releases that for public to download. Also, make sure you do not install unnecessary apps or games that may hinder the performance of your device, as you want everything to be pristine once the jailbreak arrives.

It's a surprising move from Apple, ceasing to sign iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.1 all of a sudden. As of late, the company had changed its software update trend, allowing firmware downgrades for a considerably long time before throwing in a spanner. Today's move suggests Apple is all up against jailbreaking and wants things to be as watertight as possible for everyone.

We will keep our readers updated as a jailbreak arrives. Till then, you might want to sit back, relax and play the waiting game.

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