Thymesia Guide – How To Beat The Hanged Queen

the hanged queen is the royal garden's boss in thymesia

The Hanged Queen is Thymesia’s second boss (if you don’t count Varg, which is not meant to be beaten during the tutorial). She is waiting for you at the end of the Royal Garden, but most probably, you won’t find her as tricky as Odur the Ringmaster.

This monster has only one health bar, and her attacks are easier to avoid, but she still deals you significant damage if she hits you. Moreover, she can replenish some of her green and white health by absorbing blood from the ground, so you might need more time to beat her. However, if you need some help in defeating The Hanged Queen boss in Thymesia, we have the right guide for you.

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The Hanged Queen: Boss Overview

The Hanged Queen is insanely big, but you shouldn’t be frightened by her size. You can easily avoid most of her attacks, as she is not the fastest enemy you will meet during your journey in the Hermes Kingdom. This boss fight develops in one phase only, so you need to defeat The Hanged Queen once, trying to counter her healing abilities as quickly as you can, and then you’re done with this level. You will also obtain a good amount of Memory Shards once you kill her.

The Hanged Queen: Moveset and Strategies

This mutated bat will often try to hit you by swinging either of her arms towards Corvus. The attack will deal you significant damage if you get caught, but you can avoid it by dodging to the opposite side of the arm that The Hanged Queen has used to attack you. She frequently leaps into the air and slams her body to the ground in your direction. This one can also be dodged easily by predicting where she will land and moving away.

The Hanged Queen will also try to bite Corvus, and you will notice she is about to do so when she moves her head back and then quickly attacks you. However, you can avoid it by dodging either backward or sideways, as you will learn how to recognize this move after a few tries and will have enough time to run away. This monster also relies on ranged attacks, as she will start inhaling air and then screaming in your direction, throwing a huge projectile at you. This offensive can be easily predicted as well, as you will see it coming and instantly recognize it. You can dodge sideways to avoid taking any damage.

You need to be careful when she is about to use her ultimate. The Hanged Queen will suddenly scream and fly in the air, wrapping her wings around herself. Then, she will cause a massive explosion covering a significant portion of the area beneath her. You must act as fast as possible when you see it coming because you will be heavily damaged if caught, losing more than 150 health points. Try to get as far from her as possible, using the Long Dodge talent, as this offensive attack cannot be deflected in any way.

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When you see the Royal Garden’s boss healing herself with her unique ability, reach her and start attacking the monster. You will mitigate the health regeneration, and she will not try to hit you until she is done with that. Remember to use your Claw to prevent her green health bar from regenerating. This ability will only heal a moderate portion of her HP bar, so damage her as much as you can and keep attacking her whenever you have the chance. Otherwise, she will slowly but inevitably gain all her health back.

Tips For Winning The Fight Against The Hanged Queen

After a few rounds against The Hanged Queen in Thymesia, you will learn all her moves and timings, so you can dodge them quite easily. Her ultimate is the only attack you need to be more careful with, as you can die if you get caught and don’t have enough health. If you make the right moves, this fight can be completed successfully in a few minutes, so prepare to hit her whenever you get the chance and use your Claw to cut her green health bar.

Don’t let her cure herself, or you will have a harder time with this fight. Hit her with fast and effective Saber attacks, and remember to use your Plague Weapon. The Halberd is a great fit for this battle, as it lands a quick series of stabs and deals a fair amount of damage. The Whip is also good as it will help to close the gap between you and the monster, letting you use your Claw immediately after.

If you feel you should level up further before starting this boss battle in Thymesia, you can farm Memory Shards in the library nearby, using the Beacon next to The Hanged Queen’s arena as a base. You will obtain about 1500 memories each time you kill all the enemies in this area. And if you feel unsure about the best talents to use against the Royal Garden’s boss, we recommend unlocking the Long Dodge, as you will escape from most attacks, and the Long Claw, since it deals significantly more damage to the green health bar.

After successfully defeating The Hanged Queen, you will obtain The Hanged Queen’s Core, a Forgotten Feather, and 4800 Memory Shards.

And if you still need some help with Thymesia, we have listed the best talents to unlock early in the game and explained how to use Plague Weapons.

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