Thymesia Guide – How to Farm Memory Shards Fast


Memory Shards play a crucial role in the game, as you need them to upgrade your talents and unique skills. This is the only way to power up Corvus, as he won’t obtain new standard weapons during the game. Instead, you can enhance his attributes to gain more strength and vitality or increase Claw damage and maximum energy. Each time you do that, you will also earn one Talent point to spend on the proper menu.

The number of memories required for each power-up increases every time, so you will need to get more memories as you progress through the game. Let’s see how to farm memory shards in Thymesia, how to spend them, and tips for obtaining them quickly.

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Tips For Farming Memories Fast

When you first start playing Thymesia, you will die many times. That’s pretty normal, though, as you need to get used to the game’s pace and mechanics. Take your time, and once you feel comfortable enough with the gameplay, you can start farming memories. However, we recommend you complete the tutorial first and reach the boss in the Sea of Trees.

This way, you will have unlocked enough Beacons and can freely choose the one to turn into your favorite farming base. This tip applies to every game level, so you can explore the area thoroughly and then move according to your preferences, using any shortcut you have unlocked during your playthrough.

Usually, you can find crowded areas near the end of each level, and you will always find a Beacon next to the entrance of the boss area. Each level features at least one nice farming zone with plenty of enemies that revive when you rest at the Beacon, so you can get 1000+ memories in a few minutes each time you complete your route.

However, you must be careful when doing so, as you will lose all your memory shards when you die. You can take them back, but you need to get them before dying a second time in a row. Don’t go too far from the Beacon when farming, so you will have an easier time getting back your memories if you die while doing so.

Make sure you always follow the same path, so you get to know your enemies well and reduce the chances of dying to a minimum. Don’t rush into combat with more than two foes in a row: no matter how skilled you are at this game, you can always be easily overwhelmed by them.

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You can use the Plague weapons to speed up the whole process and remember to also attack with your Claw, so you deal a lot of damage to enemy wounds and prevent them from healing.

How To Spend Memory Shards

You can spend the memories you obtain throughout the game at the Beacon, interacting with the level Up menu. Here, you can choose between three different attributes:

  • Strength: increases the damage and the amount of wounds you deal when attaching any enemy.
  • Vitality: increases your health bar.
  • Plague: powers up the damage you deal with your claw attack and increases the energy bar.

Each time you level up, you will also get one talent point, up to 24. You can spend them as you wish in the Unlock Talent menu by accessing any Beacon.

If you just started playing Thymesia and still need some help, you can read our beginner’s guide to the game.

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