Thymesia Guide – Best Talents To Unlock Early In The Game


Each time you enhance Corvus attributes, you will get one Talent Point to spend in the proper menu, up to level 25. This way, you can learn new, helpful talents to use during your adventure in the Hermes Kingdom based on your playstyle. You can unlearn them all at any time by simply pressing one button, so you have countless chances to experiment and choose the ones you need the most.

You won’t be able to unlock all the talents, as you have only 24 Talent Points to spend. So your choices matter more than ever, as you need to develop a solid strategy if you want to beat all the bosses and unlock the best ending for the story. If you have doubts about the talents to unlock early in Thymesia, we have you covered: you will find all the information you need in this guide.

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Saber Talents

Healing Execution is easily one of the most important talents, and you should unlock it as soon as you gain your first Talent Point. Every way to restore health counts in a game as punishing as Thymesia is. Moreover, you will also get some energy back with this one so that you can use the Plague Weapons at your disposal more frequently.

Sharp Weapons will also come in handy during your first hours with Thymesia, as you will rely a lot on Saber attacks.

Deflect Talents

Defence is an excellent talent to unlock early in the game, as it will help you mitigate any damage taken if you still haven’t mastered the deflect and feather techniques.

Energised Deflect is also good as it allows you to restore some energy to use your Plague Weapons every time you successfully deflect or block any incoming attack.

Dodge Talents

Short Dodge should be unlocked just after Healing Execution, as it is one of the most valuable talents in Thymesia. It lets you dodge a second time in a short amount of time, and it has been proven to be a real game changer during the playthrough, especially against bosses and speedy enemies.

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Claw Talents

Long Claw Lv2 (the first level is unlocked by default) lets you perform a second Claw attack just after the first one by simply pressing the corresponding button again. Moreover, the damage dealt is increased by 30% with the second attack.

Strategies Talents

Plague Weapon Lv2 (as the first level is already unlocked when you start playing the game) lets you have a second slot for Plague Weapons obtained through Skill Shards. This way, you can freely switch between the two weapons during combat by pressing the corresponding key on your pad or keyboard. It will come in handy when you fight against more challenging enemies and bosses since you have the chance to benefit from different weapons’ unique abilities and attacks.

Plague Wounds Lv2 is another useful talent, as it extends the time taken before the enemy Wounds start healing. You will have more time to examine their moves and patterns and then use your claw to finish them.

There are many other helpful talents in the game, and you can unlock them each time you level up, according to your needs. You can even unlearn one or more of them, so you can try a new build that better satisfies your needs. And if you just started playing Thymesia, you can find our beginner’s guide here.

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