Scan Documents Using Notes App in iOS 13, iPadOS for iPhone, iPad

Scan documents straight from the iOS 13 / iPadOS Notes app

Here’s how you can scan documents, receipts and more using built-in document scanner in Notes app in iOS 13, iPadOS for iPhone, iPad.

Who Needs a Hardware Scanner When You Can Scan Documents Straight from the iOS 13, iPadOS Notes App!

Though we have truly jumped into the digital world and many business operate online, we still have to face the dreaded document or two in our lives to keep things up and running. And if you have decided that you need to scan those documents and receipts in order to keep everything as organized and digitized as possible, then in today’s tutorial we will show you how you can scan documents straight from the iOS 13 / iPadOS Notes app in a few easy steps.

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Step 1. Launch the Notes app.

Step 2. Create a new note by pressing on the compose button.

Step 3. Now press on the Camera button at the bottom.

Step 4. Now tap on Scan Documents.

Scan documents in iOS 13 Notes app

Step 5. The viewfinder will now open up. Simply point the camera towards the document, iOS 13 / iPadOS will detect the corners and scan the document or receipt for you. You can obviously press the shutter button manually if you want to quickly snap an image. And yes, in case you are wondering, this works with photos as well.

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Step 6. Tap on Save once you are done.

With a bit of practice you’ll turn into a document scanning ninja on your iPhone and iPad. Sure, you can do something similar using third-party apps, but given that this is a native feature therefore it will make sharing and syncing across devices far more easier. Have a Mac? Your scanned documents will show up on the big screen thanks to the power of iCloud.

You can even use the Notes app to sign documents as well. Renewing a lease? Simply scan the document using Notes, sign using Apple Pencil, and just email it back. It really doesn’t get any more futuristic than this if you are asking us.

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