How to Access Secret Field Test Menu in iOS 13 Running on iPhone

We will show you how you can access the secret Field Test menu in iOS 13 running on iPhone to access stuff like cell service information.

iOS 13 has a Secret Field Test Menu for iPhone Users, Access it Now to See Cell Service Information and More

When it comes to cellular connectivity, the iPhone keeps things as simple as possible. Sure, you get options for switching between 2G, 3G and LTE networks, but that’s about as technical things get. However, thanks to a built-in secret Field Test menu, you can get access to a bunch of other aspects regarding cellular connectivity, such as which band you are connected to, what’s your current carrier aggregation status and more. In order to access this, it’s a simple case of dialing a number straight from the iOS 13 Phone app.

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Step 1. Launch the Phone app from the home screen.

Step 2. Dial the following number exact as shown in the screenshot below:


Secret Field Test menu code in iOS 13

Step 3. Press the Dial button once you have entered the code.

Steo 4. That’s it, you now have access to the secret Field Test menu in iOS 13. You are free to roam around and see what it holds for you. Once you are done, just press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom to go back home.

Secret Field Test menu
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For a normal user, the secret Field Test menu does not mean much. In fact, for a lot of users, things will just fly off your head. But if you consider yourself to be a complete geek / nerd, then you are going to have a field day with the menu. It offers a lot of cool carrier information details, such as which band your iPhone is utilizing on the network, whether or not your carrier supports carrier aggregation, what’s the true signal strength in decibels and more. In short, this place is a gold mine for those who crave this sort of data.

We really wish there were even more cool features hidden away in iOS that allowed us to do things like using a custom DNS over a cellular network. Now that would be a treat worth having, right?

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