How to Stop People from Adding You to WhatsApp Groups on iPhone

Uzair Ghani
Here's how you can stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

Don't want people adding you to WhatsApp Groups? You can put an end to this madness on iPhone with a few changes in settings.

End the Annoyance Once and for All by Blocking People from Adding You to WhatsApp Groups on iPhone

We don't even need any sort of poll to know how popular WhatsApp is among users. It is the one cross-platform app pretty much everyone makes use of to get their messages, photos and videos across to their loved ones.

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However, with so many people using it there are bound to be times where you end up realizing that WhatsApp is becoming a bit of a pain. Especially when someone adds you to an annoying thing like WhatsApp group - a day ruiner when your iPhone starts to spazz out and you are left with tons of messages which are gibberish at best.

Little do people know that can actually keep themselves from being added to WhatsApp groups completely. It's a very, very simple process and you'll be surprised to know that you can actually set rules for it too.


Step 1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on the Settings button in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3. Now navigate to Account > Privacy > Groups.

Step 4. By default, the option is set to Everyone, which is not cool, meaning everyone and anyone can add you to WhatsApp groups. Change it to My Contacts, if you want people from your contact list only to be able to add you in groups. You can take things up a notch by selecting My Contacts Except, which allows you to select certain contacts who can't add you to groups, such as your local ramen takeaway and so forth.

Stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

There's nothing more annoying that being added to a WhatsApp Group which makes no sense at all. I'm pretty sure you've all been there, gave up your phone number thinking that you'd end up scoring a good deal on a TV set at the mall, only to realize that your phone number was used to add you to a pointless group with promotions which aren't remotely close to a TV. Same thing happens whenever you are filling up the comments card in a restaurant, only to be added to a random WhatsApp Group later.

With the above technique, you can simply avoid being in a group altogether. Only those in your contacts list will dictate which group you can be in, or just completely ignore them as well.

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