How to Use AirPods as Hearing Aids, Works with Powerbeats Pro too

Uzair Ghani
use AirPods as hearing aids for enhanced audio listening

Here's how you can use your AirPods as hearing aids and enhance the audio around you. This works with the Powerbeats Pro as well.

Can I use AirPods as Hearing Aids or Even my Powerbeats Pro? Yes, You Can and we Will Show You How

The AirPods Pro take the AirPods experience to the next level with the inclusion of noise cancellation. Just press the step of either AirPod and silence will dawn upon you. Press again and you can let the outside world in thanks to the brand new Transparency mode. But what if you want to enhance the sound of what you are listening to? Essentially, what if you want to use AirPods as hearing aids? You can do that, thanks to the built in Live Listen feature.

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Note: For Live Listen to work, you should have iOS 12 or above installed on your iPhone. Please update right away to get in on the action. This tutorial is applicable for all AirPods models including the Powerbeats Pro.

Step 1. Tap on Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2. Now select Control Center > Customize Controls.

Step 3. Scroll down to the More Controls section.

Step 4. Tap on the + icon next to Hearing to add it to the list of available toggle switches.

Step 5. Bring in the Control Center by swiping up on the display or swiping down on the top right hand corner of the display.

Step 6. Tap the Hearing icon in Control Center.

Step 7. Tap on Live Listen. You will now hear everything slightly amplified than usual. This is utilizing your iPhone's mic to do so. So if you have hearing impairment, you can place your iPhone close to the audio source for best results.

use AirPods as hearing aids

Step 8. Tap on Live Listen again to turn this feature off.

If you are an AirPods Pro user then I will highly recommend mixing Transparency mode with Live Listen in order to let in as much audio as possible from the outside. Furthermore, if you just want to pretend that you are listening to music while eavesdrop on someone at the same time, then this feature might actually help a little too. Just saying. Seriously though, respect the privacy of everyone around you.

While this feature is great and all, I really wish there was a way to select how much audio you want to amplify rather than going with the default that's set by Apple. But hey, the amount of functionality we have right now shouldn't cause any concern for a lot of people.

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