How to Open Windows Tools on Windows 11 Computers

Open Windows Tools

Tools like Command Prompt, Control Panel, etc., help manage various tasks on our PCs. In the earlier versions of Windows, these tools were called Administrative Tools. In the latest OS, Windows 11, these tools are now referred to as Windows Tools. Before Windows 11, these tools appeared as separate entries in the Start Menu. Windows 11 has these tools all bunched together, and you can access all of them through a folder. In this tutorial, I will show you how to open Windows Tools on Windows 11 computers.

Open Windows Tools

Windows tools consist of Control Panel, Command Prompt, Run, Services, Steps Recorder, etc. These tools are generally used by system administrators and advanced users. There are different ways to access these tools:

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  •  Search
  •  Start Menu
  •  Control Panel
  •  Explorer

Open Windows Tools Using Search Bar

This is perhaps the simplest way to access Windows Tools.

  1.  On the taskbar, there is a search icon in the form of a magnifying glass. Click on it.
  2.  Type Windows Tools and click Open.
Open Windows Tools

Start Menu

Another way to access it is through the Start Menu. In Windows 11, the Start Menu and Search bar are separate.

  1.  Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar.
  2.  Click on All apps.
    Open Windows Tools
  3. Scroll down till you reach W and click on Windows Tools.
    Open Windows Tools

Control Panel

The control panel is a part of Windows Tools as well. You can use this tool to access the entire Tools folder.

  1.  Click on the Search icon on the taskbar and type Control Panel. Click Open.
    Control Panel
  2. In the View by drop-down menu, select Large icons.
    Control Panel
  3. Locate Windows Tools and click on it.
    Open Windows Tools


    1.  Click on the File Explorer icon on the taskbar.
      Open Windows Tools
    2.  Type the following path in the Quick Access search bar and press Enter:

      %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Tools

      File Explorer

Is there some other way you use to access the entire Windows Tools folder? Let us know in the comments below.

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