iPhone Tips and Tricks: iPhone Charging Troubles? Here is How to Fix it

Rafia Shaikh

Are you facing iPhone charging troubles with your lightning cable? Here is an easy fix for your iPhone charging. Thanks to redditor beddel37, you can solve your iPhone charging issue with a little trick. Here is how.iphone charging issue

How to fix iPhone charging issue:

Bedell37 suggests a little tinkering around the Lightning port with a toothpick should will  get your iPhone to charge again:

Was at dinner with a friend who works for Apple. Told him my charger wasn’t working, so he went to the front of the restaurant and got a toothpick. Started picking in the lightning charger input, picking out tons of lint. Like it had to be BURIED in there. He said phone gets lint built up in the pocket. Picked it out, and it’s good to go. Said they would probably have charged me at the Apple store, but it took all of 2 minutes. - Bedell37

While Bedell37's Apple friend is most probably wrong about Apple charging for such a small task; it is a good old trick to first clean up your phone's slot before heading out for getting professional help.

Let us know if this solves your iPhone charging issue.

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