iOS 7 Tip to Listen to YouTube Music in Background on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Rafia Shaikh

It is distressing to search your favorite song, stream it and see it abruptly stop playing when you move to some other app or turn the screen off. Yep, that's how YouTube behaves on your smartphone or iPad. Here are a couple of tricks to play YouTube in the background and get some music-y youtube in background

How to play YouTube in background on iOS 7 - method 1:

  • In the YouTube app for your iOS device, select the video you want to play YouTube in background.
  • Play it and at the bottom right of the screen, tap on the share youtube in background
  • From the options, select Message.

This process will take you to the stock iOS messaging app. This way you will be able to play YouTube in background. Turn the screen off and enjoy the music. However, you cannot multitask while listening to YouTube in the background using this technique. Here is another method for that.

Play YouTube in background and use your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch - Method 2:

  • Go to Safari or Chrome web browser and enter
  • Search for the video you want to be played and play it.
  • Exit out to homescreen. This will stop YouTube music.
  • Go to Control Center and hit the Play button in the music player.
  • This technique will start the YouTube music from the browser.

Ta da! Use your Apple device while it plays YouTube music in the background. Music, work, searching on the Internet or something else. No more of staying stuck to YouTube app when you feel like listening to something.

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