iPhone Tips and Tricks: How to Make Custom App Icons without Jailbreaking

Rafia Shaikh

Jailbreaking makes your iDevice powerful - and this is just an understatement. Indeed people are going crazy to get the iOS 7 jailbroken at soonest. Jailbreaking has become increasingly easier time, however, only a very little fraction iOS users actually jailbreak their devices considering the warranty and other possible issues.One feature of a jailbroken iPhone is that you can "make custom app icons" - this iOS tip will show you how to create custom icons without actually jailbreaking your device. make custom icons on ios

Here is how to personalize all your app icons!

How to make custom app icons without jailbreaking:

Required files: download and install the iPhone Configuration Utility on your computer: file for Mac and Windows.

  • Install the utility and open it. iphone jailbreak
  • Scroll down to Configuration Profiles in the menu on the left panel. When selected, a blue icon titled New will appear in the top left of the menu - click on it.make custom app icons without jailbreak
  • Now you'll be taken to a General tab of a new menu. This is where you will all your custom icon's label and other basic details.make custom app icons without jailbreaking
  • Complete the Name and Identifier fields as they are mandatory.
  • When done, scroll down the left menu and select Web Clips Configure.make custom app icons without jailbreak
  • In the next screen, enter your contact information and create an icon for the home screen.make custom app icons on iphone
  • Keep entering the details as required: in the Label field, type in the title of your icon; enter the URL of your app in the URL field.
  • Save any file you wish to use as your app icon as a bitmap and select that image.
  • Check the Precomposed Icon and uncheck the Full Screen.make custom app icons without jailbreak on ios
  • Once done, click on the Export icon in the top left of the program menu.make custom app icons without jailbreak on ios 7
  • Click Export and Save the file to your computer or Dropbox.
  • Connect your iPhone with your computer and your device will show up in the left menu under devices. Click on your device and you will see a new menu.make custom app icons without jailbreak on ipad
  • Click on Configuration Profiles tab and click on Install. The installation would only take a few seconds.make custom app icons without jailbreak on ios 7
  • Once done, your custom icon will appear on your iPhone!

Ta da! This was how to "make custom app icons on iPhone" - no hard task!

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