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HomePod Will Gain Support for Third-Party Music Servies Such as Spotify


While Apple did not mention it in its keynote, but the HomePod speaker is about to support for third-party music services.

You Will Soon be Able to Ask Siri to Play a Song on HomePod from Spotify or Any Other Music Service That is Not Apple Music

When Apple was done announcing the new tvOS 14 update, it flashed a card on the screen highlighting all the features which the update will bring to users. And right at the bottom it showed the HomePod gracing a feature which many have been crying out for - third-party music service support.

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Currently, the HomePod is limited to Apple Music and ties in well with Siri. But it seems as though the new update for HomePod, which is set to arrive in the fall, will add support for services like Spotify, Pandora, etc.

In case you are confused what the HomePod has to do with tvOS 14, let us give you a quick refresher. Previously, HomePod updates were based on iOS, but Apple made a switch over to tvOS as the base software. Why? Because the HomePod is a device that is always plugged in, does not rely on having a battery and functions more or less like an Apple TV itself, but without having any sort of display output.

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