Apple’s HomePod is Now Based on tvOS – Here’s What You Need to Know


Apple's smart speaker was based on a cut down version of iOS which the company called HomePod software. Now, there have been several major changes made that debuted with the latest HomePod 13.4 update. Now, the HomePod is based on tvOS instead of iOS.

The HomePod is Now Based on tvOS Instead of iOS as per the Latest HomePod Software 13.4 Update

tvOS is based on iOS as well but since it runs on the Apple TV which is always connected to a power source, the changes made to the base make more sense. Take note that there are no major changes on the front-end which means the user experience will remain the same after the update.

Apple Releases 15.5.1 Update for HomePod, Fixes Music Playback Issue

As per 9to5mac, the move will allow Apple to drop additional operations pertaining to power consumption on HomePod. What this means is that since the HomePod is always connected to a power supply, it does not need the same power management controls as that of iOS devices. Henceforth, as HomePod is moved to tvOS from the iOS framework, a lot of work is saved on the development level.

HomePod tvOS

Other than this, the report also anticipates that Apple could potentially drop support for A8 chipset with the upcoming iOS 14. The A8 chipset is incorporated in the HomePod as well as on the Apple TV. It is likely that the Apple TV fourth generation will receive the tvOS firmware update. The switch from iOS to tvOS could also mean that Apple will continue to support the HomePod with new software releases.

Moreover, the move could also make the HomePod a native speaker for Apple TV. However, there's an additional step required for the users every time they turn the Apple TV on. Furthermore, the HomePod software 13.4 also mentions two new smart speakers that Apple could release in the future. We have seen a similar report before that mentions a smaller HomePod speaker which will release later this year.

That's all there is to it, folks. Share your thoughts on the HomePod's shift from being based on iOS to tvOS in the comments.