Hitman 2 Roadmap Released, Agent 47 Will Visit New Bank and Resort Locations This Year


Hitman 2 was released to critical acclaim late last year, but Agent 47’s latest assination adventure has kind of fallen off the radar in the months since. Well, developer IO Interactive looks to drum up more interest in the game with a collection of new content released throughout 2019. This includes two full new locations (The Bank and The Resort), a couple more Sniper maps, some Special Assignments, cosmetics, and more. You can check out the full roadmap below (click the image for full resolution).

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Note, most of the “Spring” stuff, including the Hantu Port Sniper map, was already released back in March. Overall, this looks like a pretty solid collection of stuff – The Bank and Resort certainly sound like potentially fun murder playgrounds.

As noted by the roadmap, most of this content requires the player to have purchased either the Hitman 2 Silver or Gold Editions. The $80 Silver Edition includes the Spring and Summer updates, while the $100 Gold Edition includes the Spring, Summer, and Fall updates. The Silver and Gold editions are no longer available for purchase most places, but those who missed out can still get all the upcoming content by purchasing the $40 Hitman 2 Expansion Pass.

Still holding out on Hitman 2? I found it to be another rock-solid entry in IO Interactive’s long-running series in my full review…

“Hitman 2 is yet another well-executed entry in IO Interactive’s killer franchise. The game lacks some of the refinement expected of a world-class assassin, but the top-notch level design and some small, but key improvements to the series’ core mechanics more than make up for a few presentation and polish issues. Hitman 2 isn’t quite the shot to the heart it could have been, but it’s close enough to count.”

Hitman 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.