Half-Life Alyx Non VR Mod Adds Spectator Mode, WASD Key Bindings, and Fixes Black Corners

Half-Life Alyx Non VR Mod

We've previously reported on the Half-Life Alyx Non VR mod, which allows those who don't own a Virtual Reality headset to experience the latest entry in the revered franchise by Valve.

Creator r57zone first managed to convert the controls to keyboard and mouse and rather quickly enabled the full game to be completed this way. That said, there are still plenty of issues that are slowly getting fixed. Yesterday's update (version 0.9) resolved the black corners issue in addition to introducing spectator mode.

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  • Added button bindings: left grip (menu), right trigger (shooting).
  • Added the ability to play in spectator mode.
  • Added a profile of key bindings for WASD, for playing in spectator mode.
  • Added the ability to increase FOV for playing in spectator mode.
  • Added ability to change mouse sensitivity.

Clearly there's still a lot of work to do to ensure the Half-Life Alyx Non VR mod works perfectly, but the pace of the progress is remarkable thus far. The developers at Valve did say they expected a 'Half-Life Alyx Non VR mod' to appear eventually, but I doubt they thought it would happen so quickly after the release (which only happened about thirty-five days ago).

The Half-Life Alyx Non VR mod is downloadable for free via GitHub and can even let you play the game through smartphone VR devices. In order to do that, you'll have to use applications like Moonlight (which requires an NVIDIA GameStream capable hardware) or Trinus VR. Your head position can be sent through OpenTrack and the FreePie IMU Android app.

You can support mod creator r57zone through his Patreon if you'd like.

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