Grubb: Microsoft’s The Initiative Studio is Working on a Third-Person Perfect Dark

Aernout van de Velde

Microsoft’s top-tier The Initiative studio is working on a third-person Perfect Dark installment, according to reputable journalist Jeff Grubb.

The GamesBeat journalist claimed as much in the chat of today’s Kinda Funny Games Daily podcast with hosts Blessing Adeoye Jr. and Andrea Rene. In the podcast, the duo talked about the recent new hirings of The Initiative and Phil Spencer’s tweet from earlier this year about the studio’s new project. We’ve included this particular tweet from January 28, in which Spencer teases that The Initiative is working “old things” done in “new ways”, down below.

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In the episode’s Twitch chat, Grubb said that Spencer referred to the Perfect Dark franchise and that The Initiative is working on a 3rd-person installment. We’ve included the relevant parts of the chat down below:

44:35 - JeffGrubb: it means perfect dark, y’all

user in chat: do you think it’s a 3rd person Perfect Dark??

46:48 - JeffGrubb: it is

Andrea Rene : “I don’t know if Perfect Dark is something that Microsoft would wanna spend potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on it feels like a really risky gamble.”

48:50 - JeffGrubb: they are

48:54 - JeffGrubb: it’s perfect dark

Following this conversation, Grubb was asked about his ‘confirmation’ of a new Perfect Dark, after which he pointed out that while The Initiative’s project might not exactly be a new Perfect Dark installment, it’s set in the same universe.

As covered earlier this year, a recently-surfaced resume of a former technical designer at the Initiative hinted at the return of Perfect Dark. The game is said to feature a camera surveillance system, gadgets and weaponry alongside destructible objects, hazards, triggers, and more.

Interestingly, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg recently tried to debunk the existence of a new Perfect Dark after users discovered Twitter handles for both Fable and Perfect Dark.

As always, we will keep you updated on this matter.

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