Perfect Dark is the First Project from Microsoft’s The Initiative, Will be an “Eco Sci-Fi” Thriller


What is Microsoft’s much-ballyhooed new “AAAA” studio The Initiative working on? It’s a question Xbox fans have been asking themselves for the last couple years, and just minutes ago at The Game Awards 2020, we got the answer! Confirming previous rumors, it turns out the studio is working on a new Perfect Dark, which they describe as a “eco sci-fi” adventure. You can check out the first teaser trailer for the game, below.

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Interesting! Looks like The Initiative is hoping Joanna Dark will be able to steal a bit of Lara Croft's thunder, except with a more ecologically-friendly edge. Here's an additional developer video featuring some further thoughts from the folks behind the new Perfect Dark.

Finally, here's what The Initiative head honcho Darell Gallagher had to say about the new project...

Two years ago, we announced the formation of a new Xbox Game studio in Santa Monica, The Initiative, and today at The Game Awards, we announced our first project, Perfect Dark. With Perfect Dark, we’re aiming to deliver a secret agent thriller set in a near-future world.

We have built the Perfect Dark team at The Initiative by bringing in some of the most talented game makers from around the industry who all share a passion for storytelling, world-building and creating memorable game experiences. With the full backing from Xbox Studios to re-imagine one of the best loved IPs from gaming history, we couldn’t be more excited to share some of our early ideas.We’re working hard to deliver on the promise of the next generation of game making.

No word yet on platforms of a release date for the new Perfect Dark, although The Initiative say it’s still “early in development," so we'll probably be waiting for a while yet. So, what do you think about the new Perfect Dark? Excited for Joanna's big return?