Greenberg: We Set Some Wrong Expectations for Yesterday’s Inside Xbox Event; 3rd Party Titles to Debut During July Event as Well, Shinobi Says


Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg has taken to Twitter to respond to community criticism following yesterday’s Inside Xbox event.

Fans eagerly waited for yesterday’s special Inside Xbox episode, during which Xbox Series X gameplay from upcoming third-party titles was to be shown alongside sneak peeks and trailers. The recently announced Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was also said to receive some hands-on controller gameplay, but instead, fans were shown (impressive, nonetheless) in-engine battle footage of Ubisoft’s upcoming title.

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The community appears to be disappointed by Microsoft’s showing, some even calling it a complete failure, and on Twitter, Greenberg has now admitted that the wrong expectations were set prior to the event.

“Had we not said anything and just shown May Inside Xbox show like we did last month, I suspect reactions might have been different”, Greenberg writes. “Clearly we set some wrong expectations and that’s on us. We appreciate all the feedback and can assure you we will take it all in and learn as a team.”

The next Xbox Series X showing will be this July when Microsoft will be debuting upcoming Xbox Series X from its first-party Xbox Game Studios. As revealed by well-known insider Shinobi, however, it appears that upcoming titles from third-party studios will also debut during Microsoft’s July event.

“As of now, there will be third parties debuting with Microsoft in July”, the insider said on the ResetEra forums when asked about it.

Yesterday, Microsoft showed off plenty of upcoming titles for the Series X, including console exclusive The Medium, Dirt 5 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Microsoft also announced that over 140 individual studios and publishers are currently working on software for the Xbox Series X – that’s quite the number.

What are your thoughts about yesterday's Inside Xbox event? Which titles would you like to see debut during Microsoft’s July ‘E3’ event? Take it outside down below.