Google Home Just Got Better With Bluetooth Streaming, Users Can Now Pair Any Device


Google Home is finally getting the much-awaited feature that the tech giant teased at I/O 2017. The smart speaker is finally getting the Bluetooth streaming feature.

Bluetooth Streaming on Google Home will allow users to stream music from an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. The new feature comes with the new system firmware version 90387. Once your Google Home receives the new firmware update, head to Device Settings on the Home app and you will discover the new “Paired Bluetooth devices” option. There is a new “Enable Pairing Mode” button at the bottom, which allows users to connect a device.

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Once you complete the pairing process in the Home app, your Google Home speaker is all set to work as a normal Bluetooth speaker. It means that now you no longer need to rely on "Cast" enabled music apps to play music on Google Home. Bluetooth connectivity is still widely available to users in comparison to Google Cast. One distinct quality of Bluetooth connectivity is that it requires no internet connection.

Other features that will debut soon on Google Home

The Google Home users will be at much ease as they can now play their favourite song or connect Bluetooth on their TV or laptop to stream video's audio on Google Home. Google teased Bluetooth support for Google Home at I/O 2017. It was just one of the many features that are set to debut on smart speakers, other features include Proactive Assistance that offers useful info like hands-free calling and traffic alerts.

The Hands-Free calling feature would be available to the users in the US and Canada. They can call any landline or mobile number for free by saying the voice command “Hey Google, call [X].” The call will be made like a standard call without any additional setup. These upcoming features on Google Home would enhance the usage of Bluetooth connectivity for users.

Google Home gets updated automatically and the update can't be installed manually unlike smartphones. The latest version 90387 is still under the rolling out process and is reaching most of the devices.