Ghost Recon Breakpoint Endgame Raids Detailed; Devs: It’s a Natural Step in the Evolution of Ghost Recon

The big bad villain of Breakpoint will be played by Jon Bernthal.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint got leaked and then formally announced last week. Due October 4th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it's going to take the foundation of Ghost Recon Wildlands and add several new elements to it, from the survival-oriented flavor (in both PvE and PvP) to the brand new PvE 'endgame' raids.

The developers at Ubisoft Paris (the studio that's leading development on Breakpoint) shared some tidbits about these raids in two different interviews with the press. In the first one, posted by USgamer, Creative Director Eric Couzian said:

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We were very ambitious for the endgame. The raids are a part of all the activities in the game. Yes, it's an endgame activity, but since it's completely non-linear, it was important that you have these types of challenges, that are extremely hard and especially made for co-op. So we've designed an island specifically for the raids. It's a mini-open world, with several bosses in it. The island features a volcano. We had a dedicated team that only works on it, since the beginning of the project

Meanwhile, while talking to PCGamesN, Lead Development Tester Sebastien Le Prestre addressed the question of how veteran Ghost Recon players might react to this change.

We’re hoping players see this as a natural step in the evolution of Ghost Recon. The main things we want to offer players is freedom of choice and plenty of things to do. The main piece of feedback from Wildlands is that players loved it, but they wanted even more to do once they finished the main story. This is just the natural progression for us, we’re committed to many years of post-launch with this game, so it seemed natural to us that we should give a lot more challenge to those hardcore players who really want to invest in the universe.

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