GeForce NOW Adds 26 Games, Including The Long Dark’s Return

GeForce NOW

NVIDIA hs added 26 games with this week's GeForce NOW update, and there's even the first comeback, Hinterland's The Long Dark.

The survival game was removed from GeForce NOW in early March at the request of Hinterland founder and The Long Dark game director Raphael van Lierop, who complained that NVIDIA hadn't asked for permission before adding the title to their service's library.

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This has just been fixed by NVIDIA, which explains why The Long Dark is back. Van Lierop also shared the following statement:

The GeForce NOW opt-in agreement gives creators control over when and where our games are available, so we can ensure a positive experience for all our players. Streaming is a great opportunity for those with low-spec or incompatible devices, and GeForce NOW makes it easy for a new audience of players to experience The Long Dark. Accessibility is important to us and I applaud NVIDIA for taking this step towards recognizing that developers must control their own content.

Below is the list of the 26 GeForce NOW games mentioned above. Do note that given the switch to an opt-in model, NVIDIA warned games belonging to those publishers and developers who haven't opted into GeForce NOW will be removed from the library on May 31st.

  • Maneater (day-and-date release with PC launch on Epic Games Store – 5/25)
  • Saints Row: The Third Remastered (day-and-date release with PC launch on Epic Games Store – 5/22)
  • Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg (day-and-date release with PC launch on Steam – 5/22)
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