Galaxy Z Flip’s Flex Mode Will Be Available to Other OEMs Soon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip release date and price officially announced

While the Galaxy Z Flip might not offer much in the way of raw hardware performance, it does ship with a rather interesting, never-before-seen feature. Upon folding the screen, the phone's UI essentially splits into two halves, allowing you to control one half with the other. The feature is called Flex mode, and it was developed in tandem with Google. A Google spokesperson has told The Verge that it will be available to other OEMs in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features, specs, price and release date announced
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Galaxy Z Flip even has a Multi-Window Tray that allows you to use two apps. To get started, one has to simply drag and drop the apps into the respective windows. It opens up the possibilities for all kinds of multitasking. The feature can also be used by apps such as YouTube, which allows you to search for other videos on the bottom screen while you're watching a video. Once Google makes the technology publicly available, developers will be able to design their apps to operate in a two-screen environment. For example, you could use the bottom half of your screen as a keyboard as you look at the chat on the other half.

There are a grand total of five foldable smartphones on the market right now, we're not counting the Escobar Fold 2 for obvious reasons. Three of them —the Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and Royal Flexpai— have a completely different form factor than that of the Moto Razr and Galaxy Z Flip, so they don't stand to gain much from the feature as they fold sideways. Even the Galaxy Z Flip will be sold in limited quantities in select regions for the low, low price of $1,380.

So, the question here is, just who stands to benefit from Google opening up the tech to other OEMs. Perhaps Google has some inside information about some yet-to-be-announced foldable phones that are due to come out in 2020.

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