Samsung is Aiming to Add S Pen Slots in the Future Galaxy Z Fold Phones

Furqan Shahid
Samsung is Aiming to Add S Pen Slots in the Future Galaxy Z Fold Phones

If you are looking for a definitive foldable smartphone experience, I cannot suggest anything other than Samsung. The Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip series are among the most popular foldable phones around the world. Sure, they are not the most durable but they still are getting their way and making waves.

Now, we have news that Samsung is expecting the foldable market to grow by 80% in just 2 more years.

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Samsung Wants Future Galaxy Z Fold Phones to Have S Pen Slot, Flagship Cameras, Better Weight, Durability, and More

During a meeting held by Samsung MX in the third week of October earlier this year, part suppliers were informed that the foldable smartphone market will see drastic growth. However, a surprising remark was that Samsung is expecting its biggest competitor Apple to join the foldable hype train by next year but this time around, it will either be in the form of a tablet or something else, so we are certainly not seeing a foldable iPhone.

Samsung also talked about how in the South Korean market, people in their 20s and 30s are shifting towards Samsung foldable phones from Apple. This is "at a rate three to four times higher than before."

Another interesting number Samsung shared is that they believe that 90% of foldable smartphone users will be retaining their device and will also pick a foldable as their next device. Insiders have revealed that the foldable smartphone market is just 1% of the total smartphone market, but still, customers do have a higher satisfaction level, and this means that there is a massive, massive room for this market to grow.

There are a few more things that Samsung noted; the company wants to become more popular. This will be done by decreasing the weight and size of the phones, having more durability, and having a less visible crease on the device.

Samsung has also talked about how there needs to be an S Pen slot, as the Galaxy Z Fold series is considered one of the best series for productivity. This feature is something that a lot of users have been asking for in the past, and the company is also looking forward to improving the overall camera system on the phones.

Needless to say, Samsung is more than serious about taking foldable phones forward and making them a mainstay in the market. Let us know what you think about these phones.

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