Report: Apple Might Launch its First Foldable iPhone in 2022


Apple's iPhone 12 series is a massive hit since it came with an all-new design and form-factor. While manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei have diversified to making foldable smartphones, Apple has not even hinted of something of that sort. Samsung has already launched three foldable smartphone models and it is getting better with the hinge situation with every release. However, today's news might excite you as Apple might have a foldable device in the works as well. According to the latest report, Apple could potentially launch a foldable iPhone in 2022.

A Foldable iPhone Might be in The Works As Reports Point to 2022 Launch

As mentioned earlier, a recent report from DigiTimes cites that Apple could launch its first foldable iPhone in 2022. We are seeing all kinds of foldable smartphones these days. While some fold up and inwards, others fold outwards to make the smaller phone into a phablet with a bigger display. Motorola and Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip are in the direct competition since both smartphones feature a similar folding mechanism. Apple's foldable iPhone, however, is not even part of the race at the moment and as a fan of the folding display tech, there definitely is a free slot for a major contender.

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The report further cites that OLED screens have seen a jump in adoption. This has also allowed LG as well as Japan Displays to increase its production of the category. This might be the reason why Apple decided to equip every iPhone model with an OLED panel. While that is said and done, future mid-range smartphones are also adopting OLED tech. We have seen how Samsung flourishes in manufacturing displays over the past and it would continue to do so. The company has secured OLED manufacturing capacity to 900,000 units in the second half of this year. The foldable display smartphones seem to be the future and Apple would not want to be left out with the iPhone.

As Samsung Electronics has already launched three foldable smartphones built using flexible OLED panels, Digitimes Research believes that Apple will likely step into the foldable smartphone sector in 2022, furthering demand for flexible OLED displays.

Apple already holds several patents pertaining to foldable iPhones. According to rumors, earlier this year, Apple already sent its foldable iPhone to Foxconn for testing purposes. Moreover, leaks regarding a foldable device with an iPhone 11-like design were also reported. However, the device was equipped with two different screens attached to a hinge in the center. This would make the iPhone look like the Microsoft Surface Duo since it does not boast a true single-piece foldable screen.

For now, the foldable iPhone is reported to arrive in the year 2022. Would you like to see a foldable iPhone? Let us know in the comments.