Galaxy Wearable App Issue Prevents Users From Signing Into Their Accounts


Samsung just can't seem to catch a break today. Earlier, the company officially delayed the Galaxy Fold's release date and now, their Galaxy Wearable app isn't working as intended. Many users have been complaining about issues with the Galaxy Wearable app. Without the app, it is impossible to set up your Samsung Smartwatch and several users have been unable to sign in to their Samsung accounts.

When a user attempts to sign into their Samsung Account through the app, it is stuck on a white screen with no options to proceed further. As a result, any new wearable device can’t be set up by linking it to a Samsung Account, which is essential if you want to maintain sync between devices. It is especially cumbersome for existing Samsung users, as they are unable to migrate elements such as settings, watch faces and more from their old Samsung wearable to a new one.

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Only non-Samsung devices appear to be affected

Interestingly, the issue only persists on non-Samsung devices. The app works fine on my personal Galaxy S9+ but doesn't on my Pixel 2XL. Several users have a similar experience and have complained about this issue on Twitter and Samsung’s official forums. The problem appears to have originated around a week ago and was discovered by a Reddit user. Samsung has now acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix. We can expect it to arrive via an OTA update for the Galaxy Wearable app in the coming week or so.

Samsung's wearable department has performed satisfactorily for most of this year. Their wearables are arguably one of the best non-Apple options available in the market. Last year, a lot of Galaxy Sport and Gear S3 users complained of accelerated battery drain on their devices. It took Samsung several months (and countless software updates) to fix the issue. One can only hope that the Samsung account login issue with the app is fixed in a subsequent update.

News Source: Android Police