Galaxy S8 Might Ship Out With a Dock to Help You Take Advantage of Continuum Features


Galaxy S8’s features list has already been leaked to showcase a Continuum feature that will allow users to hook up a smartphone to an available display and pretty much turn their handset into a makeshift work environment. Now, there is another rumor that suggests that the upcoming flagship is going to come with a dock-like contraption in order to aid users to connect the smartphone to an available display. With a myriad number of applications available thanks to Google’s Play Store, there are a ton of work-related apps available for users to take advantage of.

Two Galaxy S8 Codenames Revealed – Both of Them Could Come With Their Own Continuum-Like Dock

One rumor suggests that the upcoming Galaxy S8 is going to be divided into two models, (via The Guardian) and is codenamed Dream and Dream 2. From what we can tell, Dream is going to be the smaller version of the Galaxy S8, while Dream 2 is expected to be the larger of the two. It has also been rumored that both variants are going to ship out with their own Continuum-like dock, who’s official name is unknown to us at the moment.

Galaxy S8 Android Support Officially Comes to an End After 4 Years

One of the reasons why the Galaxy S8 could come with its own dock is because since it will be running Android Nougat 7.0 right off the bat, and the software update will come with a feature called FreeForm Window Mode, which will no doubt provide Samsung with an even more stable platform to provide such a useful feature.

Because of Google’s app ecosystem, you can rest assure that there aren’t going to be a shortage of apps anytime soon, and the plethora number of apps present will allow you to effortlessly get your work done when this feature is active. Since the Galaxy S8 will come with a Snapdragon 835, it will possess the necessary processing power to allow users to transform a smartphone into a desktop substitute. Not long ago, Microsoft showcased a demo where native desktop apps were able to run on a Snapdragon 820 but stated that native desktop apps would only be compatible with Snapdragon 835 at first.

It is also possible that Samsung is working on its own dedicated office suite that will help users to take advantage of when they use the dock to plug in the smartphone into an existing display. Hopefully, this dock will come with a variety of ports, including a Thunderbolt 3. For now take this rumor with a grain of salt and wait till we have more updates for you in the near future.