Here’s Photoshop Running on a Snapdragon 820-Powered Smartphone [Video]

Photoshop running on Snapdragon 820

Microsoft and Qualcomm have started to work together to bring fully functional desktop apps to ARM-powered smartphones. The first order of business would be to bring Windows 10 support to Qualcomm SoCs, along with support for desktop-class x86 applications on such devices. Microsoft has now provided a small teaser to users, showing that even the most intensive of applications can run on mobile chipsets.

Video Shows That a Snapdragon 820 Is Not Just Able to Run Media Applications, But Can Also Run Photoshop

Microsoft will be able to bring Windows 10 to mobile devices that are running 64-bit ARM processors. It will use integrated emulation to support 32-bit x86 applications on future smartphones. Right now, there are no other devices heard of that are going to be running future Qualcomm high-end chipsets other than the Surface Phone, which has been rumored to be released next year. It would be fitting for Microsoft to force the release of a device made by the company itself rather than let its partners gain the upper hand before.

However, desktop apps are also capable of running on a Snapdragon 820, which can be seen in the video posted below. Not only is the chipset powerful enough to run desktop work applications such as Microsoft Office, but it is also capable of running Photoshop, and we all know how taxing the editing software can be. Currently, Snapdragon 820 is running in only two Windows 10 Mobile handsets: the HP Elite X3 and Alcatel IDOL 4S but Microsoft has not detailed if these smartphones are going to be running future desktop apps in the future.

It could just be that the company used the current-gen chipset to show that running 32-bit x86 applications is possible on a 64-bit ARM processor, but that does not necessarily translate into current-gen devices providing support for it. The feature is most probably going to be rolled out in 2017, so it does not look like Microsoft is going to be extending support for previous devices. If you want to run the desktop version of Photoshop on a smartphone, then it looks like you will have to be in possession of a next-gen Windows 10 Mobile handset.


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