More Galaxy S8 Renders Show No Home Button and Higher Screen-to-Body Ratio


More renders of the Galaxy S8 have been released and while the handset hasn’t officially been launched, these renders are somewhat a close representation of what the flagship could look like.

Latest Galaxy S8 Renders Gets Rid of the Physical Home Button With More Screen Percentage Compared to Previous Generations

If you take a look at all three images, the Galaxy S8 is relatively thin, which is something that all manufacturers go for these days with smartphones. However, there are several things different about these renders, starting with the home button; there isn’t any present on any image, showing that these images are in line with the rumor going around. The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S8 is said to be embedded beneath the display or will be mounted at the rear side of the smartphone’s chassis, so we’ll wait for the update to come through.

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Another thing that you should see from these renders is the fact that in addition to the dual-curved edge display, the display itself has a higher screen-to-body ratio compared to the rest of Samsung’s smartphones, which could provide some foreshadowing that the manufacturer is aiming to make the device as aesthetically pleasing as possible. While this will expose the display to more damage if you drop it, you can’t deny how pleasing these renders look, even if they are not associated with the real thing.

While these images show the curved-edge screen version of the Galaxy S8, rumor has it that the company is also preparing a flat screen version of the flagship. We feel that this is the right approach since the regular version should be cheaper and allow proper grip for users in comparison to curved-edge screen models. As for the renders, do take a look at them let us know in the comments if you feel that they are somewhat closer to the upcoming flagship appearance that’s going to be announced during the month of April.