An App Meant for the Galaxy S7 Might Have Revealed More Secrets on the Galaxy S8

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S7 app reveals Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is expected to feature a huge design overhaul in comparison to its predecessors and there are notable things that are not going to be present once the flagship is officially announced. To make things evident, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Secure Folder app has revealed quite a few things about the upcoming flagship, and you guys are going to find that out right now.

Galaxy S7 Secure Folder App Reveals a Lot About the Galaxy S8 in Terms of Its Design – Lack of Home Button at the Front Gives More Evidence to That Claim

Keep in mind that the Secure Folder was actually meant for the Galaxy S7 but Sammobile has pointed at out that the instructions that follow before using the application points towards the design of the upcoming Galaxy S8. As you can see in the images below, the smartphone has a very small portion that’s actually covered by the purported metal body of the phone, while the remaining area is covered with nothing but the display, thus confirming that the flagship is going to feature a near bezel-less approach.

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The curved edges of the smartphone’s body are very similar to the design approach that Samsung has taken for its other flagships, and as you can see in the illustrations, the home button is no longer present. This could mean that the sensor is mounted at the back side, along with a dedicated button to summon the virtual assistant that has been codenamed Bixby. In addition to the design overhaul, Galaxy S8 has also been rumored to come with a lot of functionality as soon as you remove it out of its packaging.


The charging port of the phone might double as a Continuum-like port and by using an available display and the display dock that’s expected to be bundled with the handset, you can transform your existing workspace completely with the help of the flagship. Samsung has stated that the announcement date of the Galaxy S8 is going to unveiled at the MWC 2017 trade show, so we’ll update you on all the available information when the show kicks off in Barcelona.

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