Some of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Bugs and Their Fixes – Android Tips

Samsung has taken the industry by a storm with its latest Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge smartphones. Much improved on hardware, software, and design fronts, there are always those small bugs that annoy the heck out of the users. Here are some of the Samsung Galaxy S6 bugs and their fixes to help you smooth out some of the problems. These little Android tips try to fix a wide array of issues including overheating and battery problems.

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Just How Big is Samsung!

Don't forget to let us know if you are facing some Galaxy S6 bugs not mentioned in this list so we can try to find some fix for you and share it with others too. Also, share your own Galaxy S6 tips with us and the readers to help users have an easier run with the new gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S6 bugs and their fixes:

Galaxy S6 overheating issue:

Many users have reported that the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 tends to get extremely hot after a long run. Heavy games, hours of video playing and sometimes without any such intense workout at all. Here are a couple ways to fix Galaxy S6 overheating issue.

  • Restart your Galaxy S6: turn it off and switch it back on after a few minutes.
  • If this doesn't help, boot your brand new smartphone in the Safe Mode (how-to at the end of the post). Here you'll be able to see if some particular app is creating the overheating issue. Uninstall it and reinstall it back (if it's essential) to see if the problem is solved.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 battery problems:

Battery drain is one of the major problems we face in the smartphones. Every year we see improved processor, better screens but very little improvement in the battery department. Sometimes it's not about the hardware battery component fitted inside your smartphone as many other features affect the battery life as well.

Considering there is no option of swapping the battery, we are left with nothing but to keep a look out on our usage. We have worked on a comprehensive guide to help you fix battery issues on Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge which will help you get the most time out of your gadget.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain Issues

Galaxy S6 WiFi issues:

Samsung Galaxy S6 connectivity issues have been serious. This include problems on both the Bluetooth (more on this later) and the WiFi connectivity. If you too are facing slow connections or connectivity dropping abruptly, here is what to fix Galaxy S6 WiFi issues.

  • As with every other problem, it is always advised to restart your device to see if the problem gets sorted.
  • While the above tip has worked for many, in case it doesn't: from the WiFi settings, forget the connection and select the Forget option. Reconnect to the same network to see if the WiFi issues are fixed.
  • Another tip is to reboot your WiFi router as sometimes this simple little trick does the job. Turn it off and restart it after some 30 seconds.
  • If you are facing abrupt disconnectivity, turn the Keep WiFi on during sleep on. This might affect the battery life though.

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Galaxy S6 Bluetooth problems:

As mentioned before, some of the major queries coming in are about Galaxy S6 connectivity issues. Here are some small tips to help you fix Galaxy S6 Bluetooth issue.

  • Try to toggle the Bluetooth off: go to Settings and from Connections tab, select Bluetooth. Toggle it off and turn it back on after some 10 seconds.
  • Another simple tip is similar to WiFi fix: from Bluetooth settings, select the Forget option before reconnecting it back.
  • You can also try booting into Safe Mode (how-to at the end of the post) to see if other apps are creating problems with the Bluetooth.

Fix screen rotation bug:

Many of the Galaxy S6 edge users have reported facing the screen rotation being sloppy. If you are facing this Galaxy S6 bug, Samsung wants you to contact the support team. However, try restarting your device or factory reset it to see if it's fixed anyway.

Important tip: In any of the problems, if nothing else works, you can always go for the last resort (before the technical support) which is Factory resetting.

  • Go to Settings > Personal > Backup and reset.
  • Select Factory Data Reset Reset Device.

How to Enter Galaxy S6 Download Mode

How to enter Safe Mode:

  • Switch your Galaxy S6 off.
  • Turn it on by pressing & holding the Power and Volume Down keys.
  • Leave the keys when you see the screen.
  • Once in, you will notice the Safe Mode text at the left corner of the screen.
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