iFixit Galaxy S6 Teardown Reveals Slightly Easier-to-Fix Device than the S6 Edge

Samsung definitely re-designed its Galaxy S flagship line keeping the consumer demands right on the design floor. It is quite evident from the number of pre-orders, early profit returns, and industry analysis that Samsung has finally started to make some huge profits from its mobile department like the days of yore. Which brings us to what makes these two Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge smartphones different, beautiful and attractive to consumers.

We have already shared with you quite a many details and reviews of the dual-curved smartphone. However, the regular sibling of the Galaxy S6 edge is unfortunately not getting the same love and attention as much as it deserves. Here is a Galaxy S6 teardown done by the expert folks at iFixit sharing some informative commentary and, as always, awesome pictures of the device's innards.

Samsung Galaxy S6 teardown highlights:

Here are the Samsung Galaxy S6 teardown highlights as shared by iFixit:

  • Very tough to open thanks to the adhesives used to pack the back panel.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are strikingly similar from their insides.
  • Replacing battery in the regular S6 is a little easier than the S6 edge as it required the team to remove motherboard in order to get to the battery in edge. No such fuss with the Galaxy S6.
  • To replace the USB port, you will need to remove the display. Another thing that iFixit doesn't approve of in Galaxy S6.

So, while the entire world seems to be pleased with the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 duo, folks at iFixit evidently hate it thanks to a very odd design making repairing a tough task. Samsung Galaxy S6 managed to get an average 4 out of 10 in the repairability score. Which, by the way, is higher than what the edge managed to get so something for the regular S6 to be happy about.

galaxy s6 battery
samsung Galaxy S6 teardown
samsung galaxy s6 teardown
samsung Galaxy S6 teardown
Galaxy S6 teardown
Galaxy S6 teardown
Galaxy S6 teardown
update Galaxy S6 G920F to XXU1AOCV Android 5.0.2

Source: iFixit

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