Top Galaxy S6 edge Tips to Help You Take the Best Out of Your Curved Phone

The beautiful, powerful and innovative Samsung's dual-curved Galaxy S6 edge has already started shipping out. Which basically means as a user you will need some helpful Galaxy S6 edge tips to gear start the device and get benefit of its awesome features. Samsung and app developers have specifically designed various features for the curved parts of the device so here are some basic Galaxy S6 edge tips to help you light up your device's edges. Don't forget to share your tips and tricks in the comments section so we could add them up in the list too.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge tips:

1- Set up edge as the night clock:

Possibly one of the first things that a Galaxy S6 edge user will do with the device is to set the edge as a night clock. So without going to any more Galaxy S6 edge tips, here is how to set the edge as a night clock!

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Edge screen
  • Select Night clock

You can select when should the night clock show up on the edge screen and when it should sing itself to sleep - not literally, of course. The night clock could be used for a period of 12 hours max. If you sleep for longer than 12 hours, urmmm, we will find some trick to help you out soon. Or some custom ROM will help us do that?

2- Set up the edge to light up for calls and messages:

Now that we have the edge part of the smartphone to make use of, why not get it do some interesting things? What about having it light up with specific colors for special people when their calls or messages are received? If you want Samsung Galaxy S6 edge's edgy parts to light up as notifications, here is how to do so:

  • Go to Settings
  • Move to Edge screen > Edge lighting
  • Toggle it to ON

3- Switch off and customize edge notification light:

If you think the edge light is draining your device battery, you can turn it off with the easiest way possible:

  • Simply hold down your finger on the heart rate monitor at the back for a few seconds

This simple trick will turn the edge blinking off. It will also send the caller/message-sender an auto response that you are busy. You can turn off or edit the auto-response feature:

  • Go to Settings Edge screen
  • Tap on Edge lighting
  • Select Quick reply
  • Toggle it off or change it to a custom canned response

4- Pick the 5 special people who you want the edge to light up for!

To specify which people you want the edge to light for, here is how to do so.

  • Go to Settings > Edge screen > People edge

People Edge, however, is not all about the lighting feature. It allows you to have quick access to these five people by swiping in from the side of your display. Once selected to be in People edge, you can reorder their placement on the screen by simply dragging to their new position in the list.

If you want to change a contact's color, from People edge go to My people and click on thew new color for the contact.

5- Pull your contacts to send them a message or call:

galaxy s6 edge tips

After you set up the People edge contacts, you will notice little tabs with the contacts' respective colors whenever you receive a message or miss a call. Simply pull the tab out and you will be able to show the message, time of missed call and also options to help you respond to them.

6- Switching the edge side from right to left:

Because the world is full of right-handed people, Samsung has put all the edge-specific features of the device on the right side. However, if you are a lefty or want to have edge features on the left side for any other reason, it is possible:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Edge screen
  • Scroll to Edge screen position 
  • Check on the Left side

7- Information stream for the edge:

One of our favorite feature of this edge part of the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is its information stream. This info stream gives you some glimpses of the information - much like the status bar - which you can access by swiping across the edge of the display when the screen is turned off.

You can customize this stream on what information you'd like to see on the edge; which apps should be able to show notifications there, and more.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Edge screen
  • Scroll to Information stream and customize whatever you want to see on the edge

In the Information stream, you can also go to Manage feeds Download feeds to download more feeds if the stock options don't attract you.

You can also set the Edge screen timeout to whatever duration you want the edge screen stay lit after you swipe it.

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