Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Packaging Doesn’t Include a 45W Fast Charger, Despite Samsung Charging $1399 for It

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Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Packaging Doesn’t Include a 45W Fast Charger

Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S20 launch, it was rumored that the spec’d out model will ship with a 45W fast charger. Most companies bundle in charging bricks that can hit the top speeds and given the starting $1,399 price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you would expect Samsung to do the same. However, that isn’t really the case.

Galaxy S20 Ultra Packaging Only Comes With a 25W charger - 45W Power Brick Will Need to Be Purchased Separately

The Galaxy S20 Ultra packs in a 5000mAh battery and you can use a wired 45W fast charger to juice it up fast. However, the phone will only ship with a 25W adapter and if you want to enjoy higher top-up speeds, you will have to buy the 45W brick separately. In case you’re wondering, that’s an extra $50. While $50 might not sound a lot when compared to the price of the handset, it kind of sounds unfair that you have to pay even more to enjoy all the features of the phone.

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Although last year’s Note 10 also had a charging speed of 45W, the highest-end Galaxy S10 model offered 25W of charging speeds and the other models maxed out at 15W, so the new speed is quite an improvement compared to the previous-generation models. Thus, most users will probably be content with the 25W standard charger that comes with the Galaxy S20 models. However, the gripe here is that Samsung shouldn’t be making consumers pay to make the most of the already exorbitantly priced handset.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is also capable of wireless charging and it supports Wireless PowerShare, which is the company’s name for reverse wireless charging. This means you can use the phone to charge other devices, though it still might not force customers to fork over $1399 for the flagship.

Still, if you’re interested, pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 Ultra will open on February 21 and the model will be released on March 6. If it makes you feel any better, ordering the device by March 5 will get you $150 credit on Samsung’s website.

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