Galaxy S10 to Get Major Upgrades Like 3D Camera, Fewer Bezels Than Predecessors & New Fingerprint Sensor

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Galaxy S10 Design to Get Overhaul With 3D Camera, Fewer Bezels Than Predecessors & New Fingerprint Sensor

Design details of the Galaxy S10 have emerged, and Samsung could be breathing new life in its future flagship family, according to the latest rumor that has come up. Seeing as how the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were relatively unchanged in the design category, it looks like the Galaxy S10 will need a brand new look to attract a broader spectrum of customers.

Galaxy S10 Could Also Be Called Galaxy X but Might Maintain the Same Screen Sizes as Its Predecessors, According to Latest Rumor

In our previous rumor, it was reported that the Galaxy S10, which might actually be called the Galaxy X and will feature a 93 percent screen-to-body ratio. This is a huge step-up meaning that the device might actually resemble the Vivo APEX and finally ship with a 3D sensing camera.

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It is not confirmed if the Galaxy S10 is going to feature a notch or not, but the company will need to find a way to house all the core components to give the upcoming flagship Face ID-like security to tackle that of the iPhone X. In a previous rumor, it was also stated that the flagship would receive this upgrade thanks to Samsung’s acquisition camera module company Namuga to make 3D camera sensing technologies.

The next change that could be incorporated is an in-glass fingerprint reader. Which company is going to be providing Samsung with these components is yet to be known. Perhaps it could be Synaptics or Aegis Tech located in Taiwan. Point is, we might finally start seeing the end of the physical fingerprint reader for something that is present beneath the display.

It is also not confirmed if the fingerprint reader is going to be covering half the display like it does on the Vivo APEX or if it is just going to be present at one specific location. We will be finding out more about these things in the future, and we’ll keep you updated on this too.

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