Galaxy S20 Base Price Gets Revised to a Much Lower Figure; New Report States It Will Outsell the Galaxy S10

Galaxy S20 Base Price Lowered to $850, Will Outsell Galaxy S10

Last year, we heard reports that the Galaxy S10 outsold the Galaxy S9, thanks to significant internal and external changes. With the upcoming Galaxy S series flagship expected to be a greater upgrade over its predecessor, its shipments are also expected to be more promising. These predictions come from Counterpoint Research and the firm strongly believes that the Galaxy S20 base price will be a big driving force behind its great market reception.

Other Recent Reports Claimed the Galaxy S20 Base Price Would Start From $999

According to reports, the Galaxy S20 base price will be $850, which is $50 more than the starting price of the Galaxy S10 model for last year. Previously, we had seen a similar strategy by Apple in the form of the iPhone 11, and Counterpoint Research believes that this price reduction will help boost sales. With an expected 40 million shipments this year, the Galaxy S20 sales are expected to surpass that of the Galaxy S10.

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In fact, the projected difference in the sales is expected to be greater than that of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S10, implying that this year’s flagship will be a much bigger hit. Apart from the apparent lower price of the entry-level model, the camera and hardware improvements, coupled with 5G connectivity are also expected to increase demand.

Moreover, Samsung might even launch an LTE variant of the Galaxy S20 for the markets where 5G networks haven’t been deployed yet, and its price can be even lower than the rumored Galaxy S20 base price. Lastly, various reports have indicated that the smartphone market is on an upward trajectory and this can be another potential reason behind the increase in sales.

Some reports earlier claimed that the Galaxy S20 base price will be $999 and if that turns out to be true, then Samsung will not be able to undercut the competition. Of course, the rumored buttery smooth display and the improved camera setup might still sustain sales, but it will corrode the price advantage that the report talks about. The launch of the Galaxy S20 series is barely a week away, so we will get to know the actual price soon.

News Source: Counterpoint Research

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