Galaxy S10 Lineup With Exynos Chipsets Might Feature SLP Boards, Leaving Ample Room for Bigger Batteries


If you’re unfamiliar with the term SLP or Substrate Like PCB, let us give you a recap. The iPhone X launched last year used a Substrate Like PCB, which allowed the flagship to free up space and accommodate other things like a larger battery plus different components to allow for better technology to be used. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup is also expected to feature the same circuit boards, but according to the latest information, only those featuring the Exynos chipsets will get them.

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Another attribute of SLP motherboards is that they are able to package the chips tightly together. As a result, this reduces their overall size, leaving space for manufacturers to place the more important components. This would include the battery. With battery technology being stagnant as ever, it makes sense for manufacturers to use other approaches and improve technology from different categories rather than wait for a breakthrough to come forth.

Samsung Reportedly Working on a ‘Unique’ Exynos SoC for Its Galaxy Lineup

Also, with smartphones getting slimmer, their footprint will become smaller, giving more screen real estate to users, but that will also mean these devices will ship with slightly smaller batteries. The incorporation of an SLP board will make things a lot easier for manufacturers. Reportedly, four of the ten suppliers that Samsung uses for its phones' circuit boards have the ability and capacity to produce SLP designs. This will include Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Daeduck GDS, and Korea Circuit.

Also, sources close to the industry claim that the reason Qualcomm chipsets cannot be used in SLP circuit boards is that they will be accompanied by technical difficulties. In short, this means that the Galaxy S10 lineup featuring the upcoming 7nm FinFET Snapdragon 8150 will sport a regular PCB.

Another property of SLP circuit boards is that they are more efficient than normal ones, leading to better battery efficiency. This is going to be crucial as one Galaxy S10 Plus model is expected to come with a 5G modem, and you can rest assure that the presence of this modem will devour battery life. In short, any form of efficiency will be advantageous for this upcoming lineup.

It is just a shame that the Galaxy S10 Qualcomm Snapdragon variants will come with regular PCBs, but let us keep our fingers crossed as there could be a workaround to this obstacle.

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News Source: ETNews