Samsung’s Unique Exynos SoC With Two ‘Cortex-X’ Cores Could Be in Development With Added Help From Google’s Tensor, AMD Radeon Teams

Omar Sohail
Samsung’s Unique Exynos SoC With Two ‘Cortex-X’ Cores Could Be in Development With Added Help From Google’s Tensor, AMD Radeon Teams

Samsung’s comeback in the smartphone chipset game could still be a few years, with one rumor claiming that an Exynos is in development and will likely be made with the collaborative help of Google’s Tensor and AMD’s Radeon teams.

New Exynos Catered for Samsung’s Galaxy Range of Smartphones Is Not Expected to Be Ready Until 2025

After the disappointment that was the Exynos 2200 and the overly hyped integrated Xclipse 920 GPU based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture, Samsung is said to be developing a unique Exynos SoC that will be found in future Galaxy smartphones. Considering that millions will be allocated for research and development, it is likely that this custom silicon will initially be used in the top-tier Galaxy S family. Sadly, according to @OreXda, the new chipset design is not expected until 2025.

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On Twitter, the individual shares what appears to be an early chipset die area of the Exynos SoC, and as far as we can tell, there are two Cortex-X cores, which will likely yield unrivaled performance, assuming Samsung can keep the temperatures in check. The image could also be showing four performance cores running at lower speeds, along with four energy-efficiency cores. The other tiny squares might belong to AMD’s GPU.

As most of you know, Google’s Tensor chipsets for the Pixel lineup are based on Samsung’s Exynos design and are also mass-produced on the Korean giant’s 5nm and 4nm architecture. The involvement of Google’s and AMD’s teams could mean that Samsung will utilize each department’s strength to develop the best version of Exynos. @OreXda does state that the end result could be the ‘most stabilized and powerful computing process’ on a Galaxy smartphone.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed on past occasions through countless leaks and rumors that the next Exynos from Samsung would trample the competition. As always, Samsung has undelivered, so we recommend treating this information with a pinch of salt and to keep your expectations low. The Korean manufacturer is still committed to developing future chipsets, but given that the earliest we can expect this new SoC to launch is 2025, we will continue to monitor what the competition is cooking.

News Source: @OreXda

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