Samsung Might Be Considering Removing the 3.5mm Audio Jack on the Galaxy S10 or Its Successor

Samsung Galaxy S10 no headphone jack

While other smartphone manufacturers are swiftly moving to remove the audio jack on their devices, Samsung has retained it on all devices, even its crown jewel, the Galaxy Note 9. Owing to the usefulness of this port and the fact that some consumers just do not want to gravitate to using Type-C USB headphones or earphones, the 3.5mm audio jack is here to stay on the Korean giant’s devices, but for how long? According to the latest rumor, Samsung is considering removing this port on the upcoming Galaxy S10, but if a lot of customers are lucky, this move will be executed during the unveiling of the Galaxy S11.

Samsung Might Introduce Hyper-Fast Wireless Charging on Either the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S11 to Compensate for Removing the Audio Jack

A report from ETNews states that Samsung might be considering removing the headphone jack on either the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S11. The reason for removing the headphone jack according to that report is that it will provide Samsung with a considerable amount of space to increase the battery capacity, and install newer components that will eventually lead to higher performance of the flagship.

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This is the same approach being adopted by OnePlus when it comes to the OnePlus 6T, but other manufacturers such as OPPO and Vivo have not only retained the 3.5mm audio jack on their long list of devices but added other features such as bigger batteries and in-display fingerprint readers. It is possible that Samsung goes through with this move because as the competition in various markets gets heated, the Korean manufacturer will have to rely on other sources of generating revenue from the same smartphone business, which brings us to wireless earphones.

According to Strategy Analytics, the global wireless earphone market is expected to reach 73.9 million units in 2019 and 100 million units in 2022. That will result in a 42 percent growth and as the sale of the wireless accessories increase, the value of the audio jack will continue to diminish on mobile devices. Hopefully, Samsung is able to introduce a technology that will allow users to pair the company’s wireless earphones as seamlessly as they do with Apple’s iPhones and AirPods via proprietary hardware.

Samsung could also introduce faster wireless charging on either the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S11 to make users forget about the omission of the headphone jack earlier. With wired fast-charging going as high as providing up to 50 watts of power, it is high time that OEMs introduced something that will deliver juice to these devices at a quicker rate, but without the use of cables.

Do you think Samsung should retain the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy S10? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: ETNews

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