Galaxy Note 9 Will Disappoint Smartphone Camera Buffs – Flagship Will Have the Same Camera as the Galaxy S9 Plus

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 9 same camera as Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung is gearing up to reveal its second flagship handset of the year, the Galaxy Note 9. The phone will officially be announced on August 9, followed by a release that will take place soon afterwards. According to a new leak originating from China, the Galaxy Note 9 will feature the same camera as the Galaxy S9 Plus.

It is usual for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships to have similar specifications. Samsung often upgrades the camera on the Galaxy Note lineup to help it compete better with other premium devices on the market. For instance, unlike the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 featured a dual-rear camera system. If there is any truth to the latest rumour from China, the Galaxy Note 9 will have the same camera as the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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This will be a disappointment for Samsung fans that were sitting out the Galaxy S9 Plus and hoping for major camera improvements on the Galaxy Note 9. The upcoming flagship was expected to have a dual-camera system already but there were expectations that some grand improvements will be in order.

However, it is possible that the leak is referring to the camera hardware only and we may see some improvements on the software side. The same source also said that the Galaxy Note 9 will be fueled by the same chip as the Galaxy S9 Plus, which is hardly surprising as it is the company’s established practice in the high-end smartphone segment.

Still, there are other things to look forward to from the Galaxy Note 9. For starters, you will not be required to purchase a separate DeX accessory when hooking up the smartphone to an external monitor. Additionally, the performance of the upcoming flagship will not degrade due to prolonged usage because Samsung would have incorporated a large heat pipe solution to dissipate heat effectively.

If there will be any other benefits to upgrading to the Galaxy Note 9 other than the exclusive S Pen features, do let us know down in the comments.

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