Galaxy Note 7 Users Might Be Lured to Upgrade to Galaxy S8 Thanks to Future Discounts

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 7 Users Might Be Lured to Upgrade to Galaxy S8 Thanks to Future Discounts

Samsung might have killed the production of its Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding battery incidents, but once the brand name is tarnished, it takes a great deal of effort to bring it back to its former state. In order to lure Galaxy Note 7 users into upgrading the upcoming Galaxy S8, attractive discounted offers could be made that could make the future flagship very affordable for former Note 7 owners.

Note 7 Owners Might Still Have to Show Proof of Purchase in Order to Avail the Galaxy S8 Discount

Though Note 7 owners would have felt much better had they received a full refund for their expensive phablet, getting a discount on Galaxy S8 is still better than nothing. The report doesn’t go into full detail as to how Note 7 users will be able to avail discount on their Galaxy S8 purchase, but it appears that cash discounts is going to be the most appropriate way to lure back these Android smartphone users. It is strictly my opinion that users who are still in possession of Galaxy Note 7 (for whatever reason) should be allowed to trade-in their volatile phablets and get to own a Galaxy S8 for no extra cost.

Samsung will obviously not allow this, since according to the latest statistics, there are approximately half a million Note 7 users who haven’t returned in their devices. Regardless, for a phablet that retails for $849, Samsung should come forth and present this tiny token of appreciation that a small percentage of users have stayed loyal to the brand. As for Galaxy S8, Samsung has already started work on its upcoming flagship, which one report suggesting that software work is already being carried out.

One other rumor suggests that there are going to be a total of two Galaxy S8 variants. Both of them might feature curved edge displays, but their differences are going to be prominent where screen sizes and resolutions are taken into consideration. The smaller version might have a screen size of 5.1 inches, while the other one could sport a form factor of 5.5 inches and could also be rocking a 4K display.

It is also possible that both Galaxy S8 variants will ship out with a dual-camera and no headphone jack, but we’ll update you on this matter in the future. What sort of discounts do you think Samsung should offer to Note 7 owners? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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