Dear Sammy Couldn’t Resist Showing Off How Strong Galaxy Note 4 Is

Rafia Shaikh

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bend test:

Taking benefit of iPhone 6 Plus' bending problem and immense attention that it generated, Samsung has released a new Galaxy Note 4 bend test video. Proving that the latest Note 4 is no easy game to be prone to bending or permanent deformation, Samsung is set to beat down on its competition. You can watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bend test video which performs the bending and human weight test in the following video:

Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 4 bend test video explains how things get deformed when put in the back pockets and then be seated on. What is interesting here is that Samsung Galaxy does bend a little when a 100kg person sits on it, but quickly regains its original shape without any damaging effect or permanent deformation. Showing off the strength of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the video then focuses on the plus points that helps Note 4 remain strong over usage. The secret, Samsung shares (hear hear, Apple?) is a metal frame with magnesium bracket and technique of “mutually reinforcing structure between parts.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was announced last month going earlier on sale than planned due to the competition put up by iPhone 6 Plus. 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has definitely survived quite a massive hit after the Bend Gate issue. Note 4 hasn't remained intact from such complaints as some early users from Korea reported a visible gap between the frame and the display panel of the smartphone. However, Samsung clarified that it was a necessary design feature, not a fault.

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