Galaxy Fold Unlikely to Ship Out in June

Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was the apple of everyone's eye when they first announced it. The foldable tablet has since fallen from grace. It was found to be riddled with several design flaws that could render the $2,000 device unusable in a matter of hours. Debris made its way into their screens, causing several early hardware failures, and release was delayed from April 26 to an unspecified later date. Samsung had to issue a mass recall of all devices and cancel all pre-orders. The revised launch date was expected to be sometime in June, but now, it looks like we may have to wait even longer.

Sammobile stumbled upon a new report from South Korea which states that we may not see the Galaxy Fold come out next month. According to the report, quality control is taking longer than Samsung expected. An unnamed official with the company is quoted as saying the release date is still undecided, and that the company will make an announcement to that end in the next few weeks. Samsung also promised to include more visible warnings instructing users not to remove the top layer of the device, which contrary to popular belief, is not a screen protector.

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A June release date seems grim at this moment. At best, we can expect to hear something in July or August. It is better to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold by a few weeks rather than rushing it and dealing with mass recalls later. Besides, it is unlikely that a lot of people will buy the device, to begin with. The Galaxy Fold, if anything, is Samsung flexing on its competition. The Huawei Mate X had the potential to beat Samsung to be the world's first ever foldable smartphone. Fortunately for Samsung, Huawei has more pressing issues at hand so time isn't really a constraint for them anymore.

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