Galaxy Fold Re-Launch Date Still in Question as Best Buy Cancels Pre-Orders

Samsung Galaxy Fold best buy preorders canceled

So far, there is no word from Samsung on when the Galaxy Fold will be released and apparently, Best Buy has had it and can no longer put up with the uncertainty. The retailer has now announced that it is canceling all Galaxy Fold pre-orders.

Samsung had earlier said that the Galaxy Fold launch wouldn’t be too late, although it hasn’t announced a release date yet. To make sure its customers are taken care of, Best Buy has now revealed on its online forum that all pre-orders have been canceled and customers who are still interested in the device can ask to be notified about its availability. The consumer electronics company notes that the Galaxy Fold is a groundbreaking device and thus it’s understandable that it has run into some unexpected problems.

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Earlier, there were reports flying around that Samsung has addressed the flaws with its first foldable phone and it is now testing out the device with carriers in South Korea. Prior to that, the South Korean giant had said that the tablet-phone hybrid wouldn’t be too late in reaching customers once more, although around the same time it also said that all pre-orders will automatically be canceled in the U.S. if the Galaxy Fold doesn’t ship by May 31 unless consumers explicitly say that they are willing to wait.

While it might be frustrating for consumers to wait this long for the Galaxy Fold, perhaps it’s in everyone’s best interest that Samsung doesn’t release a half baked product. The early reviews have already dented the credibility of the company to some extent and it will only get worse if the tech juggernaut hastily puts out the phone in the market again without ensuring that all durability issues have been dealt with. After all, the Galaxy Fold costs a whopping $1,980 and consumers wouldn’t be very pleased if the device merely lasts them two days in proper working order.

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