Galaxy Fold Will Be in Short Supply When It Launches – Will Be Marketed as a Luxury Product

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold alongside the Galaxy S10 series at its Unpacked event. While the Galaxy S10 phones were later demoed at the announcement, the company didn’t put the Galaxy Fold on display, which led to several questions about the phone. While some of them remain to be answered, such as whether the screen will crease in the middle and what its dimensions are, Samsung has now proceeded to open up more about its most expensive handset.

Samsung isn’t the only company that has introduced a foldable phone. Huawei unveiled its Mate X earlier at MWC 2019, which folds outwards, and Xiaomi has also teased a prototype which features dual folds. Samsung says that it considered different designs for the Galaxy Fold but ultimately settled on an inward fold as it better protects the main display of the product.

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According to Samsung UK’s director of product, services, and commercial strategy, Kate Beaumont, making a device that folds on the outside doesn’t require the same amount of research and development like a device which folds with a lower angle degree on it. Such a design would apparently make the Galaxy Fold more usable and durable. Samsung is going to hold another press conference for the Galaxy Fold in April prior to its release on April 26.

Unlike other Samsung phones, the Galaxy Fold would only be available in select locations and it will be produced in limited numbers. Samsung has touted it as a super premium device and wants to make its purchase a very personal experience. The company has also promised intensive after-sales service for the phone. This is all part of a campaign to market the Galaxy Fold as a premium, exclusive device, but also because customers will be willing to shell out close to $2000 for the foldable handset.

Restricting its supply and availability would make it stand out from other devices that are freely available and can be tried out at any store. The $1,980 Galaxy Fold will be sold in a premium packaging and will also come with free Galaxy Buds that would otherwise cost $130. It remains to be seen which sales strategy would be used by the company to sell its foldable phone.

Samsung has not reported how many units of the Galaxy Fold will be made for the masses, but considering its price, the company will most likely be playing it safe with a smaller figure.

News Source: The Verge

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