Galaxy Fold Launch Still in Limbo, Says Samsung Spokesperson Despite Handset Reportedly Passing Durability Tests

Galaxy Fold launch is uncertain, according to Samsung spokesperson

Just yesterday, we reported that the Galaxy Fold is finally ready for launch, as it reportedly passed all the durability tests conducted by various venerated industry experts. However, it now seems that it may have been a false alarm, as a Slovakian publication reached out to the Czech and Slovak spokesperson for Samsung and they had no information concerning the Galaxy Fold launch.

Since the regional spokesman, David Sahula says that no new information has been relayed about the Galaxy Fold launch, it is highly unlikely that the device will make it to the market anytime soon. Earlier, it was believed that Samsung’s first foldable phone will be launched before the end of summer.

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Ever since the launch of the Galaxy Fold was first put on hold in April, the company has been dilly-dallying about a new launch date. At first, it investigated the issues that led to screen failure and recently, the company was said to be testing the revised units. In fact, Samsung Display had said that it was producing new panels for the phone.

Quite recently, the phone was spotted in New Delhi, India, further giving weight to rumors that claimed that the phone will hit the shelves soon. Currently, it is not known what’s causing the holdup. It could be that Samsung is being extra cautious this time and wants to ensure that the device is thoroughly tested before being released again.

Since Samsung’s regional offices appear to be clueless about the current state of matters, we don’t see the device arriving in the near future. In fact, at this point, the reports that said that the first-generation Galaxy Fold has been shelved and the company will release a newer iteration or a different type of a foldable phone seem plausible at that time.

For now, all eyes are at the Galaxy Note 10, which is arriving on August 7 with presumably a better S Pen and 5G connectivity. As far as the Galaxy Fold is concerned, given the various contradictory reports, it’s best to wait for Samsung to make an official announcement rather than paying attention to rumors. The issues plaguing the Galaxy Fold were nowhere near as catastrophic as the Galaxy Note7 debacle, so Samsung might be positive when it comes to launching of the redesigned Galaxy Fold.

Would you trust Samsung’s word if it claims the problems with the Galaxy Fold have been addressed?

News Source: Vosveteit

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