Galaxy Fold Redesign Process Has Reportedly Reached Completion, but Samsung Is yet to Decide a Launch Date


A Galaxy Fold redesign would have been Samsung’s only course of action to instill belief in the customer once more that devices with this unique form factor are still the future of mobile computing. According to a report, citing people close to the matter, the Korean giant has apparently completed the process of eliminating the design problems that caused several units to fail, meaning that a re-launch of the foldable smartphone could happen in the near future.

With the Galaxy Fold Redesign Seemingly Complete, Samsung Is Expected to Ship the Important Major Components to Vietnam

According to a report from Bloomberg, people close to this information have stated that the Galaxy Fold redesign process took two months to complete, as the first iteration of the handset displayed screen failures in the hands of reviewers and the press. To salvage its reputation, Samsung recalled all the review units in an attempt to study them closely and make a decision for the device’s future.

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The Korean behemoth was earlier reported to have fixed the problems emanating from the Galaxy Fold, including the faulty display. However, in a recent interview, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh admitted that the device’s launch was rushed too early, meaning that customers might have purchased a half-baked product had the mobile device made it to select markets. Samsung’s head honcho of the mobile division also stated that this decision was an embarrassing one and that the company will attempt to make amends shortly.

Sources close to the matter say that in order to reach the end of the Galaxy Fold redesign process, Samsung has now stretched the protective film to wrap around the entire screen and in such a manner that it will be difficult to peel it off. Screen problems started appearing almost immediately for some reviewers right after they peeled that protective layer off. Additionally, Samsung has re-engineered the hinge by pushing it slightly upward from the screen.

This tension will make it appear that the protective layer is actually a part of the foldable smartphone rather than some add-on that users will think to peel off. Shipments of major components for the Galaxy Fold, which includes the display and battery, will be done to a plant in Vietnam for assembly, but Samsung still hasn’t decided on a launch date. Perhaps the company might be mulling how it plans on marketing the idea that might convince customers to have confidence in the Galaxy Fold after such a serious setback.

We think that Samsung will be doing just fine. After all, the company bounced back strongly after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, as it still retains the number-one spot for most yearly smartphone shipments. We also believe that the Galaxy Fold re-launch will not clash with the Note 10 unveiling, which is said to take place on August 7, and we’ll keep you in the loop concerning all future updates, so stay tuned.

News Source: Bloomberg