Forza Motorsport Will Go Back to the Series’ Roots; Creative Director Talks Ray Tracing in Forza Tech Engine

Aernout van de Velde
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The latest episode of Forza Monthly includes some interesting details about the upcoming Forza Motorsport for the Xbox Series X, including details on Ray Tracing.

Microsoft showed off the game’s first official teaser trailer during its Xbox Series X showcase last week, and according to the game’s creative director, Chris Esaki, the impressive-looking Mazda  WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca visuals that were shown during the teaser, are what fans can expect from the game’s future tracks as well.

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Aside from talking about the game’s visuals on the Series X, Esaki also talked about the game’s development and changes that are being made. Fans will be happy to learn that the next Forza Motorsport will go back to the series’ roots, and Esaki believes that the game will be a love letter to the Forza community. At the same time, the team is also figuring out how to make the game welcoming for potential new fans.

Pre-production on the new Forza kicked off last year and a lot of work is being done on the core foundations. The creative director was also asked about the implementation of Ray Tracing. According to Esaki, turning on Ray Tracing in the Forza Tech engine, revealed several issues that the team had with its technology.

“Ray Tracing is coming to Forza Tech”, Esaki said. “Forza Tech is the engine that powers Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. You know we share this technology , the Ray Tracing is going to be a part of that engine now. One of the things that we discovered when we turned Ray Tracing on, is that the good, the bad and the ugly came out in our technology.”

He continued, “Ray Tracing technology really exposed a lot of the issues that we had and how we were either building the content or rendering the content. So it’s not just that Ray Tracing is coming to Forza Tech, it’s actually that a whole host of other technology around how we’re improving car models, and how we’re improving the track visuals,  environment visuals and character visuals, just to make everything just beautiful and really pop in the scene.”

The full episode of this month’s Forza Monthly includes some additional interesting parts that are worth the watch. Be sure to check it out.

A release date for the new Forza Motorsport has yet to be provided. We do know, however, that the racer won’t be an Xbox Series X launch title. as it's still in early development.

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